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Dream Detective was an intense process: in the space of just under 3 months, we created a demo using the Haunted PSX Render Pipelines by pastasfuture.itch.io  based upon the likes of Fatal Frame, LSD Dream Emulator and Silent Hill 4. It features some really exciting, unique mechanics that took a long long time to program just right, but we feel the demo showcases the key mechanics and story style for the game, which should eventually be released by case file, improving in quality as they go.

The game follows a crime scene photographer who obsesses over a case. Something about it is sticking in their mind, its all too familiar, but they are powerless to help in their current role. With secret photographs copied from the project and a detective board in their apartment, they begin trying to piece together the way the crime took place from their dreams.


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May 24, 2021

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